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The rise of solar energy in egypt middle east institute. Renewable energy can help egypt not only meet its energy needs, but also power sustainable economic growth and create jobs while achieving global climate and sustainable development objectives. In order to meet the increasing energy demand, diversify the national energy mix, and improve the environmental and climate footprint of the power sector, egypt has developed. There are two main types of solar power systems, namely, solar thermal systems that trap heat to warm up.

As shown in figure 1, the technology consists of three components. Abdelrahman mahran on vodafone dials in to 100% solar power in egypt energy live news. Ifcs loan is part of our broader effort to create a market for renewable energy in egypt by leveraging the expertise and financial clout of the private sector. Tamer is the coo and managing partner of cairo solar.

Solar energy, the official journal of the international solar energy society, is devoted exclusively to the science and technology of solar energy applications the society was founded in 1954 and is now incorporated as a nonprofit educational and scientific institution. Maadi introduces solar energy to the world in 19 amazing but true, in august 19 maadi was the site of historymaking innovation when american inventorengineer frank shuman 18621918 chose this stillnascent nileside suburb to launch his amazing contraptiona solar panel power plant. Egypt and eu, which limits egypt capacity to export renewable energy to eu. Call for tender design, supply, delivery, installation and. Solar energy accounts for a very small percentage of u. Until now, there are some specific constraints that hinder development of solar energy in egypt. It has attracted numerous private investors and opened the market to commercial lenders, many of whom are investing for the first time in egypt and are broadening the capital base for future power sector investments. Additional needed energy expected targeted future energy status up 2022 ambitious retain oil and improve production 5% annually 61% still need additional energy to get from else where 15% tuesday, 04 october, 2016 renewable energy in egypt. In 2016 solar energy attracted 55% of all new investments in renewable energy sources or 1. Solar chimney is a simple and modern energy source also classified as efficient solar power technology. Introduction the egyptian association for energy and environment eaee is implementing a project funded by the european unionenpi cbcmedcross border. Renewable energy technologies rets and systems have different needs for support in terms of research and development, demonstration and market development. It is located in benban aswan governorate in the western desert, approximately 650 km south of cairo and 40 km northwest of aswan. Performance investigation of the solar chimney power plants.

However, egypt has an adequate sunshine, an extended territory free of inhabitants and the political will of its government to reach a share of 20 % from res in. Photovoltaics and solar energy two activities grades. This requires sensors that not only have accurate control, but also withstand the extreme environmental conditions, for example, in desert. Use of solar thermal technology may include both electricity generation and water desalination, which is advantageous for egypt taking in. Table 9 offgrid solar energy market potential in egypt 27 table 10 electricity price increase for residential consumption 28 table 11 key socioeconomic and energy facts for sudan 30 table 12 isolated diesel power plants in sudan 31 table estimated figures for smallscale water pumping in sudan 31. An energy sector meeting national sustainable development requirements and maximizing the efficient use of various resources contributing to economic growth, competitiveness, achieving social justice, and preserving the environment. Background and issues american security project the egyptian government is making serious efforts to bring more investment into its oil and gas sector while seeking to diversify egypt s sources of energy. In one hour the earth receives more energy from the sun than the world consume in one year. There is sufficient proof of egypt s potential for extracting energy from concentrated solar power, especially power on demand generation. It is all yours when you go with a solar energy system from city pulse solar energy solutions. Sbcairo 20 solar energy potentials in egypt mohamed. Epc contracts in the renewable energy sector south african re ipp programme lessons learned from phases 1 and 2 october 2012 the amount of power a wind generator can produce is dependent on wind availability and speed. Electricity producing systems use different quantities of solar radiation. Establishing nrea 1986 the national focal point to develop and introduce.

The government has set targets for renewables to make up 42% of the countrys electricity mix by 2035, based on rapid solar and wind deployment. Using solar energy does not release greenhouse gases or other pollutants. The calculation takes into account solar radiation, air temperature, and terrain, to simulate the energy conversion and losses in the pv modules and other components of a pv power plant. With this toolbar, you can check the weather to monitor your solar panels efficiency and home solar energy system levels. Wind energy in egypt an overview of the energy sector in egypt. Egyptian solar pv feedintariff procedures for large. Nov 02, 2016 getting the solar industry back on its feetand for more than a fleeting moment this timeis eminently achievable, advocates say. Edf renewables, the renewable energy subsidiary of edf group and karmsolar, a developer and supplier of solar power in egypt, are entering into a strategic partnership in the development of distributed solar in egypt. The fit program is phased out into regulatory rounds.

Solar energys potential in egypt, a country with spots known for yearround sunny days, has long intrigued investors and officials. Potential sale is precursor to firm raising another fund. The first round of the fit program ends on october 2016. The plants are located at a solar site in the vicinity of the benban village in upper egypt, which once completed will be the largest solar site in africa, with a capacity of 1. It is a workable scheme in egypt, even that a number of entities were involved. In light of the changes that take place in the arab region generally, and in egypt in particular, it becomes a must to find new sources of energy to construct the new nations in responding to millions of peoples will. The government has recognised this opportunity in its integrated sustainable energy strategy. The egyptian government has announced an interim target for the first round 20152017 of 4,300 mw of both solar and wind energy, broken out as follows. The supplyside generation, transmission and distribution energy.

Increasing the contribution of re in the electric energy mix to meet the growing demand before the rev. His largest solar engine was displayed in paris in 1869 until the city was invaded by prussia. Karmsolar introduces solar energy to sunny old egypt techcrunch. Benban solar park benban solar park, named after a nile river village close to the power plant, is set to be the largest solar plant in the world.

Renewable energy in egypt egypt has embarked on an ambitious project to build the biggest solar photovoltaic plant in the world at benban, aswan. Aug 26, 2017 karmsolar introduces solar energy to sunny old egypt. A key element of egypts vision is focusing on tapping the solar resource through constructing series of solar power plants within the next few. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. Energy egypt on egas, egpc 2018 bid rounds results announced with 12 blocks awarded. Highlights the business opportunities for solar energy development in egypt are really significant. Road map for renewable energy research and development in egypt. Egypt is an interesting example to show the practical possibilities of the development of solar energy in southern mediterranean countries. Solar energy is used mainly in small directuse applications such as water heating. Solar energy is considered a renewable energy source due to this fact. Solar thermal power plants currently deliver power outputs of 100 megawatts or more. The center of the solar cult was at heliopolis in lower egypt. All of which make way for opportunities in biomass production.

Webinar on energy efficiency and designing for sustainability in humanitarian response this webinar will discuss the different approaches for making humanitarian operations energy efficient and how they contribute to the overall sustainability of humanitarian operations. Memorandum of understanding on a strategic partnership on energy between the european union and the arab republic of egypt 20182022 this memorandum of understanding mou is made in cairo, egypt on 23 april 2018 by and between. The direct normal irradiance dni is applicable in solar thermal power plants while the. Benban solar park is a photovoltaic power station with a total capacity of 1650 mwp which corresponds to an annual production of approximately 3. Solar national energy education development project. A roadmap for renewable energy in the middle east and north africa iii abstract home to more than half of the worlds crude oil and more than a third of its natural gas reserves, the mena region has, for the past fifty years, gained enormous significance as a global producer and exporter of energy. Current situation and future potentials 16 according to the world bank estimates, the region receives between 22 and 26% of all solar radiation striking the earth. Pdf the spectrum of solar energy is quite wide and its intensity varies according to the timing of the day and geographic location. Past and current immediate and near future plans addressing issues such as the national policylegislative framework that has been put in place to support the. Today, people use solar energy to heat buildings and water and to generate electricity. The egyptian government is committed to increasing power generation from renewable sources and developed a policy framework that incentivises investment in renewable energy generation. The wall is down and the passive collector is collecting solar energy. On one of these large farms, in striking contrast to the ancient, windshaped sandstone in the background, solar panels stand in neat rows.

To meet burgeoning energy demand, the governments integrated sustainable energy strategy, ises 2035, involves stepping up the use of renewables and improving energy efficiency in the power sector. Ppt solar energy powerpoint presentation free to download. And now that sunshine is being used to help power the next wave of egyptian economic growth. Technical and economical aspects of use of solar energy in.

The term capacity factor is used to describe the actual output of a. Edf renewables becomes a strategic shareholder of karmsolar, a developer and supplier of solar power in egypt. Egypts 350 days a year of unclouded blue skies are as reliable as ever, as is the breeze of the red sea coast, a windsurfing mecca. Energy efficiency re ee in the middle east and north africa mena reactivate, funded by the federal ministry for economic cooperation and development bmz and implemented by giz in cooperation with rcreee to support the national egypt. On other hand egypt gas interconnection with eu is well developed. Tamer has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering form guc and a double master degree in solar energy from kassel university, germany and cairo university, egypt. Wind energy was no option due to the area im living in, hydro electricity is no option as i live in a flat country with next to no rivers so solar power was the best solution. Fraunhofer institute for solar energy systems ise heidenhofstra. Expected targeted future energy status up 2022 conservative renewable current 3000 mw and target 500 mw 9 % 2022 nuclear up 40005000 mw 6% 2022 reduce energy use by 8,3% 2022 retain oil and ng levels of production 40 % 2022 94% from fossil fuel and ng 5% hydro 1% from wind and others tuesday, 04 october, 2016. The solar electricity calculation is based on highresolution solar resource data and pv modeling software provided by solargis. A roadmap for renewable energy in the middle east and.

Since concentrating solar power plants can store solar energy, they may be able to match power production with energy demand better than other solar energy technologies. Creation of the fund will also enable egypt to mobilize the rather abundant international financial and technical resources currently available for improving energy efficiency in egypt. We have 57 offices across 31 countries within major cities in europe, the. Download ppt on solar energy freeware free download. A new solar park shines a light on egypts energy potential. Road map for renewable energy research and development in. The project is being developed by alcazar energy egypt solar 1 s. Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using a range of everevolving technologies such as solar heating, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, solar architecture, molten salt power plants and artificial photosynthesis. Egypt, which plans to produce 42% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2025, has taken positive steps since 2014 to build wind turbines, most of which are imported from spain. On the short and medium terms direct interconnection between eu and egypt has no priority compared with other interconnections due to technical and financial challenges. Solar photovoltaic pv systems an overview figure 1. Csp represents a reliable and sustainable source of energy for egypt with different outputs that can be used. From wind from nuclear local energy needs local energy needs with energy eff.

Pdf optimum sites for solar energy harvesting in egypt. Longi solar is a world leading manufacturer of highefficiency monocrystalline solar cells and modules. To generate this energy, many thousands of mirrors need to be aligned precisely and continuously aligned with the sun. Egypt possesses excellent potential for renewable energy re including solar, wind and biomass energy. Egyptian association for energy and environment eaee design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of 79. Developing renewable energy projects a guide to achieving success in the middle east gypt about eversheds eversheds is one of the largest full service law firms in the world with over 4,000 people including more than 500 partners and almost 2,000 legal advisers. Potential growth of smes solar energy market in egypt. But despite increased investments from the egyptian government in renewable energy source, solar energy accounts for only 1% of the countrys electricity. While karmsolar counts as the sole provider of solar energy in egypt, we hate that status, we see the future of. Egypt s economic development hinges on the energy sector. Solar solar opportunities are good in egypt, with 140 mw already in operation nbi, 20. Egypt after 2011 started to focus mainly on energy and renewable energy sectors as an integral part of the main projects in the sustainable development plan 2030. Governments seek to increase renewableenergy sources. Chapter 10 solar energy australian renewable energy agency.

This educational material is brought to you by the u. The solar chimney power plant system represents a possibility for the use of solar energy as a clean energy. Solar energy has advanced greatly since 2003, when a consumers guide. In addition to an analysis of consumer preferences, modellevel data on popular equipment choices, and insight into solar shoppers other energy interests, this report quantifies the actual price impact of the section 201 solar tariffs on residential solar customers. At a site in the western desert, some 650 km south of cairo, one of the worlds largest and most ambitious solar energy projects is underway. The lessons learned from the 1st round of egypts fit program. Egypt faces an electricity sacristy recently, since it depends mainly on fossil fuels in electricity production. Solar energy research in egypt solar energy for sciencebuilding. Pdf now that it would become clear for the world to shift over to the use of clean renewable energiesespecially, the solar energyfor meeting and.

The payback has decreased, making solar energy much more attractive now than in 2003. Electricity and renewable energy regulations in egypt. Longi solar has been focusing on mono for 18 years and is the largest supplier of monocrystalline silicon wafers in the world. Potential of solar energy in egypt two third of the country area has a solar energy intensity more than 6.

Thus, it initiated an ambitious plan to increase the renewable energy share from 2% now to 20% of the total demand by year 2020. This study could be help the decision makers in egypt to avoid the harmful effects of the atmospheric pollutants induced by urbanization on the rich. The benban solar park is contributing to egypt s clean energy security and will help boost economic growth. The country is located at the worlds solar belt with annual sunshine duration up to 4,000 hours. Clean energy development in egypt african development bank. Egypt has an abundance of land 4 times the size of the uk, a hot climate, and relatively cheap labour.

The new plants are expected to reduce egypt s carbon dioxide emissions by 900,000 tonnes per year. Egypt is home to a wide array of untapped solar and wind resources, and. Historical development of renewable energy technologies 7 3. Chapter 4 the building architectural design as the design pr ogr esses, the design team compar es the simulations of the pr oposed design alter natives to each other and to the basecase building simulation to understand the energy use, energy cost, and peak load implications of alter natives. Pdf renewable energy technologies utilization in egyptian. Originally, solar energy was seen as a competing form of energy source as a threat that may replace or decrease the share of fossil fuels as an alternative energy resource in the world. This toolbar is for home solar energy system and alternative power sources.

Exporting clean energy generated from wind and solar to europe via regional interconnection links. Pdf strategies of solar energy utilization in egyptian desert cities. Egypt is building one of the worlds largest solar parks. City pulse is one of the leading companies working with solar energy in egypt, middle east and africa since 1997.

This study could be help the decision makers in egypt to avoid the harmful effects of the atmospheric pollutants induced by urbanization on the rich solar energy of greater cairo region. A reliable energy statistics is really needed as energy plays a critical role in the social and economic development. Many of the installed photovoltaic systems are used in remote areas for water pumping, desalination, rural clinics, telecommunications, and so on. A renewable energy and efficient resource management leader, and an innovative sector capable of forecasting and. Some barriers economical, political, social and technical have still to be removed. Renewable energy strategy for 2020 and regulatory framework. Market overview egypt s renewable energy market is relatively new and has great potential given the sunny weather and high wind speeds. This presentation demonstrates the latest historical data available on energy production and energy use in egypt.

Electricity cost from renewable energy technologies in egypt. Here at the center of the largest hyperarid region on earth, karmsolar, a threeyearold egyptian solar energy startup company. Pdf analysis of the energy potential of renewable energy. Egypts new and renewable energy authority nrea and the spanish energy giant tsk grupo signed on thursday a contract to set up a 26 mw photovoltaic plant, also known as a solar park, in kom ombo in aswan, upper egypt, valued at a total of 20 million euros. Benban is currently the 4th largest solar power plant in the world. The project will be cofinanced by the international finance corporation and other lenders. Introduction main urbanization problem in egypt is considering the concentration of population 98%. Egypt s vision 2030 and planning reform nihal elmegharbel, phd deputy to the minister of planning, monitoring and administrative reform integrated approaches to sustainable development planning and implementation new york may 27, 2105. With most of the country being a desert, and having some of the highest annual solar hours in the world, it is expected that egypt is a major player in solar energy production. As major oil and gas companies have been investing in renewable energy, solar energy has been part of the oil and gas industry in the last decade. Than the price of solar systems appear to be horrendous, far too much that the system ever would produce in its estimated 20 year lifespan.

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